Michael Costello's Fall/Winter 2015 collection speaks to the modern woman who is transformative, seductive and natural. Michael was very inspired by the idea of a woman attending events in Japan, Paris and London.

Anna Ewers, The New face of Mango

MANGO has revealed the name of its new face for the coming Spring/Summer 2015 season: Anna Ewers.
"When one of my clients set me up to become an educator for OPI. That training (and subsequent ones) solidified my professionalism and my success." Enjoy our interview with Nail Technician Shannon Rooney.
"I would love to work on people’s hair that I personally admire. I think working on hair that I want to wear myself would be one of the greatest things to ever do." Enjoy our interview with Team Kontempo's Amy Todd.
The best part of hairstyling is watching people transform into another SELF they never knew exist! Enjoy our interview with Team Trinity of Beauty's Lakisha Reeves.
"I just did a local "Back to School Bash" where we provided free hairstyles to little girls. It was a joy that the "Little Women" warmed my heart so and made me feel good about the gift I possess." Enjoy our interview with Team Trinity of Beauty's Trishelle McBride.
Every client is so different and it is such detailed work.  That is also what makes it so gratifying!  In a short time, amazing things can be done! Enjoy our interview with Team Kontempo's Harold Buddy Sims.
It is a craft that is never easy there is no computer that can replace us, our creations are utterly hand made and thus singular each and every time. Enjoy our interview with Hairstylists Charlie Price.
"Holding your head high and exuding confidence will help take you a long ways, no matter what stage in your career you are in!" Enjoy our with interview with Stylist Dessirae Henderson and team Elizabeth Arden Red Door.
"Our team name is EDGE which stands for entrepreneurial, dramatic, glamour, energetic. We want to be edgy and want to have an edge when we transition to the profession." Enjoy our interview with Hairstylist Jayne Tetzlaff.
There is a major difference in consumer driven fashion in salon VS the work i love to do in fashion as editorial work.  The best part is I have the opportunity to do both. Enjoy our Interview with Lead Stylist Rose from Rose Knows Beauty.
"I did hair and makeup and choreography for the mom and lil girl gave me a hug and said they never forget that day. Now thats the magic of makeup ... better than a million dollars." Enjoy our interview with team Rosa Knows Beauty's Makeup Artist Adamme Sosa.
"The toughest part is that there isn’t one way to do anything. The best part is that I get to help people look good and feel good". Enjoy our interview with Stylist Kristopher Johnson.
"I find my inspiration everywhere, from different textures, to colors, to technique. The world itself has many amazing textures and colors that I love to feed off of!" Enjoy our interview with Makeup Artist Elsa Dawson.
"I always say that my achievements have been a combination of experience gained over time and confidence in myself." Enjoy our interview with Makeup Artist Areli Galo.
"The hardest part is to work without knowing the hair and the best is to know it and create incredible shapes". Enjoy our interview HairStylist Jorge Munoz.
"Our negative is to much creativity we have strong creative opinions. Our strength as a team is that we respect each other's creativity". Enjoy our interview with the members of team Beauty Anatomy.
"The negative, would definitely be my eternal search for perfection, and the positive my persistency on achieving my goals" Enjoy our interview with multi-talented Stylists and Makeup Artist Ricardo Ching.
Last night, the Armory on the Hudson in New York City was transformed from an indoor track and field stadium to a fashion arena for the global launch of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection.
For Spring 2015, Consort62 and Miss Consort are in the mood for love. In his third offering, Kenneth Chang waxes nostalgia. Growing up in Hawaii in the seventies, Kenneth’s junior collection evokes fond memories of a place where life was all about living and loving life.