“AGNONA collezione TRE” Presentation

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The recurring use of the term “past”, as well as its function as a point of reference, often inspires fashion, it too being subject to the cyclical nature of history.

Agnona SS15 goes back to the future, taking its inspiration from Ancient Egypt from afar, as far as we are actually removed from it.
In an effort to avoid repeated nostalgia for the past and endeavouring not to fall into the trap of a short-sighted present, the result is an exercise in “new bondage” with cloaks, skirts, wool gabardine dresses modelled from a single piece then cut with curved slits, and paired with silk knitwear with Coptic patterns or panel skirts with studded belts.

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“Statuesque” gold leaf sandals project the silhouette beyond what we are usually familiar with.
Uniqueness, foresight, research and discovery are only a part of what we have inherited from Egyptian culture; but they are what Stefano Pilati wanted to celebrate when he created dresses in “sequined mousseline” with a fluid effect and in shades recalling ancient stones whose surfaces are wrought with curved inserts and cuts, juxtaposing fluidity and gravity. Relief effects and mono-linearity.

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The tailored part is soft thanks to the inclusion of lightweight “Century Cashmere” by Agnona, appearing in this collection with an ivory and beige double stripe on waistcoats, oversized jackets, trench coats, morning coats, and skirts with asymmetric panels.
The unlined suede jacket is a unique addition and has been embroidered with Egyptian patterns personalized by the designer, just like the collection’s prints.

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The collection features the most varied fabrics, from cottons to light silks, with a range of very Egyptian colours forming the backdrop to the dozen mannequins that can be seen in the pop-up space (by now the usual MFW venue) in via S. Andrea in Milan.

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