Mister Triple X

The edgy streetwear line represents an artistic story told through fashion. Conceived by designer Erik Rosete, the line has quickly become a staple in the fashion world headlining coast to coast in Los Angeles and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York.


Each fashion show, Photo Shoot, and editorial spread represents a continuation of the story told through fashion. In a first of a kind creative story telling experience, Fashion Fans will be able to see the story of Mister Triple X play out like a comic book from the images of all of the fashion shows and editorials Mister Triple X is appearing in.


Mister Triple X: The SS/15 “Pair-A-Dice” ColleXtion features bold tropical prints and monochromatic undertones in a Stepford Wives retro-future inspired presentation, continuing the journey of the Mister Triple X story told through fashion. The title of the collection not only represents the tropical inspirations, but also the gamble the designer has taken by building a first of its kind fashion experience.

Photographer credit: Ken Alcazar
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