Consort62 and Miss Consort will debut their SS/15 collection at Art Hearts Fashion on Oct. 13th 2014 at 7pm Main Stage.


For Spring 2015, Consort62 and Miss Consort are in the mood for love. In his third offering, Kenneth Chang waxes nostalgia. Growing up in Hawaii in the seventies, Kenneth’s junior collection evokes fond memories of a place where life was all about living and loving life.

Consort62 is about the boys who inhabited the beaches where haoles and kamaaina roamed. Don the Beachcomber, Dukes, lifeguard life in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Flirting with girls,

chasing waves, and watching the sunset while cruising down Kalakaua Avenue . Its fun, very casual and just a bit out of control. But who cares, life is good.

Miss Consort pays homage to Ginger Grant. She’s a spicy redhead who sets the bar on being sexy.

After all, who brings a gorgeous beaded gown for a three-hour cruise. But she’s also quite crafty. It takes quite a lot of talent to make a form fittting halter dress out of the sails of a boat. While Mary Ann was sweet as pie, Ginger was hot. A lovely shape and never afraid to show it.

Consort62 and Miss Consort met while chasing their dreams. Call it kismet, but they found each other among a sea of wannabes. As they fell in love, they found that being together gave them great success in what they were doing  But, after going on too many auditions and go-sees, the happy couple decide to take a vacation to get away from it all. The collection for Spring/summer 2015 chronicles their adventures. Filled with color and interesting fabrics, the collection is free spirited and very lovely to wear.

So just sit right back to hear a tale, a tale of a big boat trip…

Do we really have sing the whole song?...

Designer Kenneth Chang

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years, Kenneth is finally speaking from his own point of view. As a working designer, he’s had to answer to various employers and a myriad of self-proclaimed fashion experts. While working in New York, he made a quick retreat to Los Angeles to be nearer to his family. The often stressful and sub-standard work environments took their toll, making him realize that there needed to be more than just a machine working in a jobs that offered little more than a way to the status quo

Faced with ageism, sexism and racism issues, Kenneth found it rather challenging to re-enter an already shrinking job market. At the same time, Kenneth also wanted to do something that he wanted to do. And that’s how Consort62, for the guys and his recently launched Miss Consort line, for the girls were conceived. Both lines have been very well received and is currently available on line and in selected boutiques. Its come full circle, with more than just wanting to make “stuff”, he’s found that its also important to pass down experience to others who want to do the same. At the end of the day, both Consort62 and Miss Consort try to be accessible and fun. The looks are bold and adventurous without being over the top. While the climb on this new adventure is definitely a big under taking, Kenneth and his team try to navigate the fickle LA /NY fashion scene while trying to have fun.

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