Hello Nail family

Tiffany Cofer w/Color Club

On Thursday, June 22nd I had the pleasure of working with Color Club as part of their annual college tour.  Nail techs were hired to man various college campus bookstores to polish the nails of students and staff introducing their new line of colorful “PopTastic” polishes. 

With names like All that Razz, Feelin’ Groovy, Almost Famous and Youth Quake I was able to not only “POP” it like it’s hot, but also add some real razamadaz to both the nails and faces of the women who took the time to engage in a little self-beautification.


I was stationed at Rutgers University…whose school colors are red and black.  And boy school spirit was alive and well on this Ivy League campus.  With their black and red nails displayed ever so proudly, students and staff enthusiastically added some new pizazz to the term “school spirit.”  During this incredible opportunity, I had the pleasure of interacting with some of Rutgers’ best and brightest leaders of tomorrow.  Just think.  One day I’ll be able to say, about one of our country’s future doctors, lawyers, engineers and corporate leaders “I did her nails.”  This was definitely an awesome way to meet, mix and mingle with some interesting people.  I heard so many wonderful stories and got to share my own. 


As I write this blog, one of life’s lessons that was confirmed and most prominently reinforced was “in today’s world, stepping outside of our comfort zone and exposing ourselves to the wonders and newness outside of our respective boxes is vital to enhancing and advancing our opportunities for success.”  If that means going to new places, making new friends, sharing and caring…then it is important that we be open to expanding our train-of-thought and preparing ourselves to fully embrace both the possibilities and opportunities.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always like coming out of my comfort zone, but over the years I have become acutely aware of the fact that positive growth requires a step up – not a sit down and settle for mentality.


Love what you do.  Remain dedicated to going beyond the traditional tricks of the trade.  Keep an open mind and seek creativity in everyone and everything around you.  And, when necessary…if the mountain won’t come to you, you go to the mountain.  There is a big beautiful world all around us that is waiting patiently to welcome us, nurture our talents and provide the forum for exhibiting our best work.  And although NSSs are the norm, we are the exception to the rule that encourages uniqueness, personal style and safety.  What more can, the woman who truly cares about herself, ask for or expect!  So follow your instincts, stay up on the trends and keep growing and going in the direction that leads toward successful and exciting outcomes.  Your instinct won’t steer you wrong and doors will begin to open all around you.


Being a nail tech/artist is an awesome job that comes complete with contacts from all walks of life and the ability to become economically stable and prosperous.  As you journey through the remainder of your summer, be sure to have a PoPTastic time painting the town with Color Club’s tantalizing and absolutely delightful candy colors that are sure to add some extra flavorlicious yum to your clients’ hands and life.