Forward Movement

Often times we look for others to push us forward but first and foremost you must to believe in yourself.

As I continue my journey through life, the one message that consistently plays in my mind is…when it’s your time, it’s your time.  There are some who would say “that trying to get people to open doors for you is too hard and almost impossible.”  My answer to those with pessimistic minds is “we possess the power to create our own doors.”  One of my favorite saying’s is “no matter what the tune…keep dancing and believing in you.” When you believe in yourself, people can see it and the most amazing things begin to happen to you and for you.

tiffany cofer

I do not get to travel to all the incredible trade shows our industry provides, but one of my goals is to be able to go to any show I want when I get ready.  I receive so many wonderful e-mails and my in-box stays full.  People share with me how my post are helping and inspiring them.  I am humbled by the fact that I am able to help others to find both the courage and strength to discover the infinite possibilities that exist all around them, as well as the courage to go for it!  With this knowledge, it is my desire to expand my efforts to help enhance the lives of others by increasing the number of blogs I produce.  Thank you all for the blessing you send my way.  As much as I keep you going, growing, and flowing with the rhythm of life, you also do the same for me.  One of the lessons my mother has taught me is that God’s Universal Law called “Reciprocity” is clear…“you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around.”  In order for balance to prevail in both the human interaction process and all life, in general, there has to be an equal exchange of positive energy.

I will admit that striving to be the best at what we do isn’t easy.  I also admit that I am not perfect…nor am I the best fashion manicurist on the planet, but I work at doing my best.  So when it comes to many of the questions so many of you ask, I can certainly relate and commiserate.  One of the comments I frequently get is that many of you are experiencing difficulties trying to get responses to your questions from other Fashion Manicurist.  Don’t worry about the answers you don’t get, just keep searching until you get the answers you need.  There are a lot of busy and/or egotistical people in our industry.  And, if they don’t consider you to be “somebody,” they are not interested in you…their BAD!!!  But it is important for you to keep in mind that their perceptions of who your importance is their issue…not yours.  Their lack of response gives you some idea of who you are dealing with.  If you believe in what you do and how you do things people will began to understand who you are and respond in a way that is fitting for what you are trying to do.
When it comes to Facebook, and other networking sites, stay positive and keep your tone and words professional. Believe me when I tell you that I have had my share of attacks.  People…who don’t even know me, add me, delete me and even send nasty messages to other people about me.  But, they are only wasting their time, they have no power over me or my success.  The one thing I know is that anyone with any intelligence will endeavor to find out who people are for themselves…if they are interested in linking up with you or have your best interest at heart.  And positive people will always avoid people suffering from a temporary or terminal case of the “green-eyed monster” like they are infected with the Bird Flu.  The most important thing you need to focus on is that you must never allow people who ignore you or verbally attack you to deter you, minimize you or discount your work.  Just believe in yourself and trust in your ability to succeed and you will.
Ombre nailz
If you really believe in what you are doing, stay on that path.  Enthusiastically talk about your work, share tips and techniques that will help others and keep it moving!  Your dream is your job and if you dedicate yourself to manifesting your dream, you will feel a sense of personal fulfillment that will inspire others.  Remember a dream is just a dream if you don’t do the work to make it happen!  I am always busy growing my business…but this does not always mean cash.  If I don’t have a client to work on there is always something I’m doing to move my business to the next level.  Yes we all need cash…and with six kids, let me tell you, money goes out faster than it comes in.  So I don’t focus on money or I’d be one crazy woman.  I focus on consistently improving the quality of the services I provide.  Quality attracts money!  Keep your imagination growing and your creative energy will keep the money flowing.
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I graduated from The University of Phoenix last week.  This is just nother accomplishment to add to my list of achievement.  Now I have more time to devote to my business and; I am anticipating and preparing for only better and greater outcomes.  Obtaining my degree was both stressful and challenging, but it reinforced my understanding that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.  It’s true “where there is a will, there is a way!”  Believe me when I say that the two algebra classes I had to take in order to graduate almost made me start eating boogers and pulling my hair out.  This degree is not going to have a significant impact on advancing my career, but it’s an insurance policy…just in case some extraordinary opportunity comes up that I want to take advantage of.  Personally, I pray that never again have to put my economic viability in the hands of corporate America…been there, done that and have grown forward onto the path of my passion and into the direction of my purpose.  No matter how little the step, take it.  All accomplishments lead to something better.


Moving on to current nail trends, I am beginning to get more questions about the Caviar nail and the Ombre nail…which I think are both different and cute.  I can’t say, with any certainty, how long the caviar nail tread will last because I find that most women either love it or hate it.  But I do see the Ombre nail sticking around for a while.  I encourage you to find your fashion nail style and grow with what you like rather than following the crowd.  Strive to be a trend-setter rather than a trend-follower.  And keep in mind that trends come and go faster than the seasons.  So I highly recommend that you find a way to incorporate trendy with classic and classy and just make your nail fashions snap, crackle and pop with vibrant colors and infinite imagination.