Black History Month Nail Techs Recognition


February is Black History Month and as a Black woman, nail tech and blogger for Beauty Creatives, I want to take this opportunity to honor Black nail techs who, I believe have been and continue to be, trailblazers in the industry, but have not received the recognition they deserve.


We, at Beauty Creatives, feel it is time that you receive a big heartfelt thanks for your contributions in this growing career field. I think that I speak for all Blacks in the industry, when I say that as a body of consummate professionals… who are dedicated to our craft and a people who have endured and risen above the ravages of slavery, the indignities and atrocities of the post-slavery era, the emotional struggles and physical abuse of the Civil-Rights years and the uncertainties that have lingered since the death of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, we have and continue to overcome the many obstacles that impact on our ability to succeed on all levels.


Yes, we have spent many years in the abyss of struggles we have had to deal with in America, sacrificed in ways that tested the limits of our endurance…and “still we rise.” Now, through the grace of God, we are in the midst of 2012, which has opened us up to the full manifestation and realization of our dreams. Today, we recognize and fully accept that we are powerful human beings with equal rights. We are movers and shakers. We are dreamers and doers. And now, we are pioneers in an industry that once kept its doors closed to the infinite possibilities we bring and the opportunities we seek and are entitled to. As we continue to grow into the vastness of the opportunities of the present moment and open our minds and hearts to the infinite possibilities of the future, we have learned to support and encourage one-another and even serve as cheerleaders for each other as we share with and learn from each other’s contributions.


Photo Courtesy of: Angel Williams

There are so many wonderful nail techs in the world and I am blessed to be able to say that I know many of them…from Australia to America and all across the country. I wish I could name you all but, on this occasion of Black History Month, I think it appropriate and befitting to recognize the Black nail techs who share my history, my passion and my dream to be one of the best in the industry. Nail techs like Margaret Thomas, Poochiez Nail, Steven McHenry, Maisie Dunbar, Princess Guard, Natasha Ray, John Mwangi Cutex, Cassandra Lamar, Marlene Pryor, Angel Williams, Terrance Terry, Bernadette Thompson, Joy S McCary, Lekisha Moore, LaShon Lee Evans, JaNiese Newton, Nicole Minus. are all incredibly talented and dynamic who also possess hearts that are as big as their talent. We love you guys! And, on this Black History Month, February 2012, we take this time to say thank you and job well done. You have paved a path for all of us and we love what we do.


Photo Courtesy of: Terrance Terry

On this Black History Month, we at Beauty Creatives pay tribute to all of you. We are grateful for the work you have done to open doors for those of us who are following in your footsteps. Your vision, diverse talents, passion and purpose shine beyond the limitations of the past and have given way to greater opportunities in every area of the beauty industry. You have broken barriers that now provide us all with new possibilities and brighter prospects. And, as we peer over the horizons and into the future what lays ahead for all of us is no less than extraordinary. Because of the strides you have made in the nail industry, our careers are booming, our businesses are thriving and we are now a collective force that gives credence and much value to the mantra “YES WE CAN.”


Left to Right: Steven McHenry, Marlene Pryor, Terrance Terry, Joy S McCary, Angel Williams, Natasha Ray, LaShon Lee Evans, John Mwangi Cutex, JaNiese Newton, Bernadette Thompson, Daphne Allende, Poochiez Nail, Nicole Minus, Margaret Thomas, Cassandra Lamar, Princess Guard, Lekisha Moore, Maisie Dunbar.

Each of you add the bling to chic and the glitz and glitter to every fashion style and statement any woman could or would ever want to make! Keep inspiring all of us and keep doing what you’re doing. Your contributions to the industry are tremendously appreciated and needed. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said it best “I have a dream.” But you are the best of what he envisioned for Blacks in both America and the world. Kudos to you all. You are living examples of Dr. King’s words and vision.