Interview with Celebrity Hair Stylist Val Hamilton

Bianca Hair Model for Celebrity Hair Stylist Val Hamilton

"You have to have patience to endure. You have to take yourself out of the equation and put your clients first." Enjoy our interview with Celebrity Hair Stylist Val Hamilton.

Beauty Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a humble, work-a-holic that is constantly challenging myself to take everything to a new level.

Beauty Did you always want to be a hairstylist?

I guess the answer to that would be yes, I've been styling hair since I was 14.
Beauty What prompted you to get into hair?  

I always loved braids. Seeing the creativity in braiding made me want to learn the technique and develop new variations of a common tradition that has been in our society for years. I wanted to take it to a new level.  
Beauty What was your first hairstylist job?

I became a braider in my home at fourteen, so I gave myself my first job.

Taking braids to  a whole new level

Beauty Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing hair?

I have three. One would be, when I had N opportunity to do hair for Mary J. Blige. While I was doing her hair, I dont know if she realized or not, but she was ministering to Carl Thomas, and I was able to see that she had a ministry that was inside of her. Plus it was a great opportunity that God gave me. The other one was when I had a job where I didnt know who exactly who I worked with until I got there. When I got to the room, the person that answered the door was Keri Washington.  She was presenting an award with 50 Cent at the Bet Hip Hop Awards. At that point I knew God was blessing me and upgrading me. I thought I was going to have to move to LA and he ended up bringing LA to me. Lastly was the time I was in a parking lot trying to park my car and there was a lady that needed directions. I gave her directions and when I gave it to her, we said to each other we were going to work together one day. It turned out we ended up working on a shoot together months later. She turned out to be R&B Star Pebbles.

Beauty Who’s hair would you love to work on?

For some reason, Alicia Keys has been popping up in my head.

Beauty What is the toughest part of your job?

You have to have patience to endure. You have to take yourself out of the equation and put your clients first. A major part of the work is being a servant by tending to your clients needs,because you ARE presenting a service. Even when you have things going on in your personal life, you have to take yourself out of the equation because were here to service others.

Beauty What is the best part of your job?

When you see that your gifts bless others lives and when you can make someone else feel good about themselves and uplift their spirit by the look you've done.

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Beauty What surprises you most about working as a hair stylist?

Working as a hair stylist, you don't know who is going to be your next new client. So you don't know who's life you're going to touch and who's going to touch your life. I think that's exciting because alot of your blessings in life come from strangers, not always people you know.

Beauty Where do you find your inspiration?

God! He downloads it to me? I used to go to photoshoots and never know what color a models hair was going to be and Id come with the right color hair. Thats all God right there.

Beauty What does it take to be successful in your industry?

Patience and dedication in doing what you love to do. Be passionate about it and don't let your faith waiver when things don't look they're going well. Believe in yourself.

Just having fun

Beauty You have worked with so many famous celebrities, is there anyone that stands out as your favorite from a Hairstylist stand point?

They're all my favorites because they all gave me opportunities to work on their mane (hair)!Seriously, I have no favorites, but I do have someone the touched my life the most and that would be Bre Scullark.

Beauty What is the biggest hair care do's and dont’s?

DO NOT color or relax your hair yourself. DO NOT always do your hair services at home yourself. You're not allowing yourself to meet other people and touch others lives. DO let your stylist know that they are appreciated. DO keep your hair well conditioned, it allows your hair to get trained and get healthy and beautiful. DO when you come to Atlanta, come check out Red Carpet Hair Design! 493 Peachtree Street NE.

Beauty What’s the one haircare tool you simply can’t live without?

My infamous waving iron. Its the best in the world!

Beauty Which hairstyles do you tend to do the most often?

Lots and lots of weave.

Beauty Which hairstyles are the most popular?

Funky, edgy cuts. Also, whimsical curls with lots of body and flow.

Bre for Six Degrees magazine

Beauty What would be your hair care routine?  

For clients, we like to clarify their hair with thorough cleansing before we even apply any moisturizing shampoos. Then we get to deep penetrating conditioners. For deep hydrations we use the steamer and then we can proceed with styling.

Beauty What tips and advice do you have for aspiring hair stylists just starting out?

Patience. They're the microwave generation. They want a lot of stuff quick, but patience and hard work goes a long way. Always keep good relationships with people, DO NOT BURN BRIDGES.

Beauty Are there any new exciting shows or projects that you are working on or lined up in the near future?

Not that I know of, lol.

Beauty What would you classify or define as a Val Hamilton style of hair?

Weave & curls. Infamous curls. /