Interview with Makeup Artist Aimee Carr

makeup by Aime Carr

"If you wake up loving what you do then go for it. I follow the three C’s Rule of Thumb: be Creative, see Challenges as opportunities, and have Compassion for your clients and other artist". Enjoy our interview Makeup Artist Aimee Carr.

Beauty Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Aimee Carr and I have been a makeup artist for 20 years. I am happily married to an incredible guy the photographer Ron Carr. When I am not working with my customers and clients, you will find me working on developing my gluten, corn and soy free line - VooDoo Makeup. I devote my spare time mentoring future makeup artists, helping them reach their goals and bringing their dreams to life.

Beauty Did you always want to be a makeup artist?

Yes. As a young girl, I loved looking through magazines pretending I was a makeup artist. I would spend hours sketching the different makeup styles in the magazines. Adding to my love for the art was my first pageant, my first modeling job, and last but not least - my mother's first Mary Kay class.

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Beauty What prompted you to get into make-up?

Well, let’s see … I realized my passion for design and color while taking fashion design classes in college. When they dropped the course I found myself being drawn toward my childhood love, the art of makeup.

Beauty What was your first make-up job?

My first makeup job was actually three: I worked at Rox Lor Skin Care, Prescriptive at Dillard's and on my off days at Glamour Shots.

Beauty Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing makeup?

It happened while I was working for Dillard’s. I was on the floor working when the President of Dillard’s approached me. I thought that’s it, I’m being laid off. He hands me a business card and to my surprise it’s Debra Neill Baker’scard, the CEO of Neill Corporation, supplier of Paris Parker beauty salons and allied with Aveda Institutes & Beauty Basics. This shocked me because I had refused to sell to her when she had approached me at Dillard’s. This is what had happened. She was dealing with a skin reaction from a product she had bought elsewhere. I was concerned about her skin and refused to sell her. Instead, I shared some glamour tips and sent her on her way.


Beauty What are some of the challenges facing men/women in the Makeup Industry?

Dealing with the negative fallout caused by makeup artists that are not professional nor know what they are doing and gaining industry experience.

Beauty What would you say to someone who is unsure about getting into the Makeup industry?

If you wake up loving what you do then go for it. I follow the three C’s Rule of Thumb: be Creative, see Challenges as opportunities, and have Compassion for your clients and other artist. I live by and express this to all artist I train and certify.

Beauty What does it take to be successful in your industry?

Drive and Passion will make magic happen.

Beauty What level of importance do you put on continuing education in the Makeup Industry?

It is extremely important. I have so much more to learn. I will never stop learning. Always take every opportunity you have to learn. When considering taking a class, examine the instructor’s photos of their work. See if he or she has the skills you are seeking and if they do sign up and grow your skills.

Beauty Where would you like to see the makeup industry in the next 10yrs?

A growing force to be reckoned with. There are so many undiscovered talented artists in our industry. We need many more in our world of Makeup Artistry. More opportunities for the starting artists in an environment of friendly competition.

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Beauty How did you become the Makeup Director for Couture Fashion Week?

I owe credit and gratefulness to Luis Machiaco, an incredible designer who introduced me to Couture Fashion Week. Also, Tarek Abbas, national makeup artist for lancome. He believed in me and showed me the way. My husband for encouraging me to go for it. Last but not least are Andres and Kelsie - the most amazing producers and designers in the industry. Our Facebook chats at one a.m. and into the early morning really launched the whole process. Prayers helped a lot.

Beauty What are some of the challenges working with so many models backstage?

None whatsoever. I love working with all of them - even when it's crazy rushed I'm so calm and handle stress well.

Beauty What creative looks will you be showcasing during Fashion Week?

Well you will have to wait and see or what we Louisianans say, “anything under the sun.”

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Beauty What is the typical day in the Life of Aimee Carr?

Making makeup with my husband in New Orleans’ French Quarter striving to meet women’s needs with gluten free makeup. I love our makeup - it's magical and our clients feel beautiful not made up. They don't feel or see our foundation but they know it's there because they applied it.

Beauty What would be your skin care routine?

Wash my face morning and night, coconut for moisturizer, brown sugar and milk for my exfoliant, titanium dioxide sunblock all gluten free of course.

Beauty What's in Aimee Carr’s Make up Bag?

Lol not much. Voodoo Makeup Foundation, mascara and lip gloss. No brushes. I even use our custom made lip gloss on my cheeks applied with my fingers like rouge from years ago. My mascara is my eyeliner and my brow color and Voodoo Makeup Foundation is my everything - to leave me with a natural dewy look. I love it because I can't feel it on my face.

Aimee Carr
, Voodoomakeup