Interview with the Founder of Farouk Systems Farouk Shami


"Farouk Systems’ mission statement has always been and still is: Environment, Education and Ethics.." Enjoy our interview with Farouk Shami.

Beauty Tell us a little about Farouk Shami?

Farouk Shami a hairdresser for hairdressers.

Beauty What is the typical day in the Life of Farouk Shami?

I wake up, swim and exercise for an hour, have breakfast, get to office and work with R&D, research and enjoy every minute.

Beauty Where do you find your inspiration?

Innovation and success.

I began Farouk Systems on a mission and a dream.

Beauty What does it take to be successful in your industry?

Innovate and keep innovating.

Beauty What moment would you point to as an illustration of success?

Customer satisfaction.

Beauty What surprises you most about the Hair Industry?

Room for innovation and growth.

Beauty Where would you like to see the Hair industry in the next 10yrs?

New professionals with great knowledge and image.

Farouk Shami

My mission and dream was to provide my fellow hair artists with a safer workplace environment free of harsh chemicals, advanced knowledge through education and new professional-only systems that could not be duplicated at home.

Beauty What level of importance do you put on continuing education in the hair Industry?

Education is the key of success and most important.

Beauty What's your biggest challenge in educating Hair Stylists about your products?

Getting them to think outside of the box.

Beauty How would you characterize your marketing strategy?

I would characterize our marketing strategy as Inspiration and Education. Our goal is to provide hairdressers all over the world with the latest technology and techniques in hairdressing and to inspire them creatively. Education is the best form of Marketing. Hairdressers love to learn and to be challenged. We showcase our product’s abilities and our company’s creative vision on Global platforms such as Miss Universe, Miss USA, New York Fashion Week and TV shows like Battle of the Strands and then we bring that vision and education directly to the hands of hairdressers through hundreds of shows and classes worldwide.

Beauty What new communications tools do you see out there reshaping the way hairstylist's market themselves?

Social media has given artists multiple platforms to display their work for potential clients, editors, creative directors and manufacturers.  If artists take advantage of these programs, they can open themselves up to a lot of opportunities. 


Farouk Systems’ mission statement has always been and still is: Environment, Education and Ethics.

Beauty With Fashion Week happening all over the world what part has Farouk Systems contributed in this global event?  

This season both CHI and BioSilk sponsored Orlando Pita for four shows including DVF, Carolina Herrera, BCBGMAXAZRIA and Herve Leger.  We also sponsored Linh Nguyen for Michael Costello, Rutger for Perry Ellis, Albert Luiz for Britney Spears and Tammy Mixon for Sherri Hill.  We also presented Fashion Forward in partnership with Inglot Cosmetics to support emerging designers including Alina German with Matt Fugate as lead, and 5:31 Jerome with Albert Luiz as lead.  Hair is a part of fashion and we are happy to support the artists who create the hair trends for the next season.  Fashion Week also allows us to send in some of our top session artists to gain experience working alongside iconic hairstylists like Orlando Pita.

Beauty You have worked with so many famous celebrities, is there anyone that stands out as your favorite?

Donald Trump.

Beauty Tell us about the Miss Universe Contest?

Promotes Beauty industry as a high image.

Beauty Are there any new exciting shows or projects that you are working on or have lined up in the near future?

Kardashian Beauty and Battle of the Strands.

IMG 5592

Battle of the Strands

Beauty How did you get involved with Battle of the Strands?

Farouk Systems is a company of hairdressers for hairdressers and we have the best direct Beauty school program and are partnered with AACS (American Association of Cosmetology Schools). Members from this team knew how passionate we are about giving first class education as the leaders in advanced American technology, and Environmental Beauty to all our CHI Partnered schools. They knew we would be the perfect fit for the students, giving educational classes, inspirational events and much more. Our passion took over the event for professionals and student. We are excited to be a part of both sides of this upcoming stylist competition and we are ready to show America the true talent in the Beauty industry and how CHI supports them with environmentally safe products for stylists and their clients.  I will be a mentor and judge for the events this coming week.   

Beauty Which Farouk products will be on display at Battle of the Strands?

Watch the Series to see all our CHI & Dura CHI lines being showcased.  You will have to watch for the “new surprises”.

Beauty What tips or advice do you have for the Hair stylists competing at Battle of the Strands?

Focus and create following your heart.


Beauty What’s the one haircare tool you simply can’t live without?

CHI dryers

Beauty In one sentence, sum up Farouk Systems?

Advanced American Technology of Environmental Beauty.