Interview with First Class Demeanor's Makeup Artist Elsa Dawson

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"I find my inspiration everywhere, from different textures, to colors, to technique. The world itself has many amazing textures and colors that I love to feed off of!" Enjoy our interview with Makeup Artist Elsa Dawson.

Beauty Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Elsa, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in a house full of girls I was always fascinated with fashion. As a child, I had always dreamed about being about to work on both sides of the camera. Being the one getting ready for action to being the one getting the models and actors ready. I love keeping up to date with the entertainment industry and obsess over my love for makeup! My passion for beauty is indescribable and my dream is to work events on and off stage.

Beauty Did you always want to be a Makeup Artist?

I’ve had tunnel vision my entire life, never wanting to be anything else! I’m chasing my dreams and achieving my goals to getting one step closer in becoming a well-known makeup artist.

Beauty What prompted you to get into Makeup Artist?

Growing up I would always dig into my sister’s makeup bags and experiment with makeup, I then noticed I wasn’t too bad at it, which immediately drew my attention. From that day forward I knew my passion showed through the blending of eye shadow.  

Beauty What's the biggest challenge you faced on your road to becoming a Makeup Artist?

One big problem that I have faced in becoming a makeup artist is putting in 13 hour days into cosmetology school to excel my hours towards graduation so I can start my career as quickly as possible.


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Beauty  Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration everywhere, from different textures, to colors, to technique. The world itself has many amazing textures and colors that I love to feed off of!

Beauty If I asked your educator one negative and one strength about you what would they be?

My educator would say that my strength is my technique I’m able to think outside of the box and remake a look into my own. My placement is very clean, I’m a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist can sometimes work in my favor but sometimes it can take up time that I don’t have. My weakness would defiantly have to be time efficiency.

Beauty What is the toughest and best part of being a Makeup Artist?

I would have to say the toughest part of being a makeup artist is the competition and when people often don’t realize that this is our career choice and how we make our living. Us makeup artist can’t settle for a 9-5 job! Our career isn't us just slapping some makeup on our clients but it’s much more that. It’s all about technique, it’s a beautiful art. On the other hand the best part of being a makeup artist is making others feel beautiful, fabulous, and making them feel good about themselves.

Beauty Whose face would you love to work on?

Jessica Alba would definitely have to be one of my top picks because she has amazing bone structure that I could enhance through the art of makeup.

Beauty Can you tell us a memorable moment you had while doing makeup?

A memorable moment would have to be my MAC photo shoot during school. Being able to get a model fully ready and being behind the scenes of my first shoot, I instantly fell in love with the feeling!

Beauty What’s the one makeup tool you simply can’t live without?

It would definitely be my blending brush. Blending is everything in a complete look, it ties everything together and you couldn’t accomplish a full blend without your brushes!

Beauty Tell us about First Class Demeanor

When we think of 1st class we think very high end, top of the line, something exclusive! When we think demeanor we think of our appearance, body language and attitude. We are a very exclusive team ready to make an appearance. We are 1st class demeanor!!


Beauty What's your preparation for Battle of the Strands

My main preparation for Battle of the Strands would definitely have to be my face charts! You never know what can be thrown at you, so having options is a must in my book!

Beauty What can the makeup industry expect from Makeup Artist Elsa Dawson in the next 5 years?

The makeup industry can see Elsa express her art and passion for makeup through the beauty of platform work. Within the next 5 years, Elsa plans on living in Los Angeles, California to be able to fulfill her dreams of being on both ends of the camera.

Beauty What can your competition expect in Las Vegas?

My competition should expect competitive art work. Something that is out of the box but at the same time trendy. My team and I are one; we work great together and feed off each other’s visions. My artwork will be all about technique, something top of the line!

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