Interview with Team Kontempo's Nail-Technician Harold Buddy Sims

Nail Artists Harold Buddy Sims

Every client is so different and it is such detailed work.  That is also what makes it so gratifying!  In a short time, amazing things can be done! Enjoy our interview with Team Kontempo's Harold Buddy Sims.

Beauty Tell us a little about yourself?

My name legally is Harold Sims, but everyone calls me Buddy!  I am with Team Kontempo of Omaha, NE.  I am currently a Licensed Nail Tech at Bella Dea Day Spa, Instructor at the attached College of Nail Design, and the Creative Design Consultant for Fashion Tec-Tat'z Nail'z in Omaha.  Beyond my daily work, my nail art has been published many times over and I am Top 3 Next Top Nail Artist with Nails Magazine.  Happily engaged here, with wonderful co-workers and family, I am so happy and thankful!!

Beauty Did you always want to be a Nail Tech?

Oddly enough, no!  I have always tried my best to be a multi-faceted individual, leading to a wide range of interests.  I have too many people to list and thank for their amazing support as I found my passion!


Beauty What prompted you to get into nails?

After being in corporate management for years, my creative side was dying to get out!  A local salon owner had seen work I had done on family and friends for fun.  She convinced me to make the jump, but my time in school is where I found my love and pashion, so now I am lucky enough to work there!

Beauty What's the biggest challenge you faced on your road to becoming a Nail Artist?

I constantly find that I am my worst enemy!!  Confidence and patience can go a long way.  I did my best to dedicate every part of me to the education, while making sure to keep a positive attitude!  I truly believe these things breed success for anyone!

Images courtesy of Nails Magazine

Beauty Where do you find your inspiration?

Absolutely anywhere!  Art can be found in anything!!  Color, shape, pattern, texture, and so on can inspire.  With the vast variety of nail products, if you can dream it, we can do it!

Beauty If I asked your educator one negative and one strength about you what would they be?

I would say it is one in the same.  I have been called a "perfectionist" many times over, which is funny because I always see room for improvement!   Less is more and not overanalyzing can be very important when creating art...on a schedule!

Beauty What is the toughest and best part of styling nails?

Every client is so different and it is such detailed work.  That is also what makes it so gratifying!  In a short time, amazing things can be done!


Beauty Whose nails would you love to work on?

Phillipe Blond!  I live for everything The Blonds create with CND for their other-worldly fashion shows!

Beauty Can you tell us a memorable moment you had while doing nails?

My experience competing in the Top 3 of NTNA was AMAZING!  I met so many amazing artists, created the cover of June's issue of Nails Mag, travel, fun, and so much more! It was the opportunity of a lifetime!

Beauty What’s the one Nail tool you simply can’t live without?

Files!  I am a file hoarder!

Beauty What's your preparation for Battle of the Strands?

I am focusing on submerging myself in beauty, fashion, and technique.  Though, I will hopefully have a couple tricks up my sleeve as well!

Beauty What can the Nail industry expect from Buddy Sims in the next 5 years?

A progression similar to what I have experienced is the plan!  I want to share all that I have along the way, and look forward to creating many more amazing pieces.

Beauty What can your competition expect in Las Vegas?

Well, I am a pretty friendly competitor.  Seeing as this is team oriented, with education, competition, and film, I hope everyone does everything in their power to make it a pleasurable and professional experience.  Our industry is so amazing, we should be having fun while doing what we are best at!


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