Interview with Team Trinity of Beauty's Lakisha Reeves

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The best part of hairstyling is watching people transform into another SELF they never knew exist! Enjoy our interview with Team Trinity of Beauty's Lakisha Reeves.

Beauty Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Lakisha Reeves: Hello, you can call me Kisha. I'm an Army wife/ Brat, mother of 5, and celebrity stylist. I've been in beauty industry 16 years, specializing in healthy hair and scalp care,expertise in Avant Garde and editorial hairstyling. I love the art of transforming beautiful creatures! I am the Artistic Visionary if this team.

Beauty Did you always want to be a hairstylist?

In my heart YES... I always though I would be a lawyer my Father told me I would be, but my heart always leaned to beauty and HAIR. As a young girl, I would comb my barbies' hair and teach myself how to braid at age 5. When my Father saw me making creations with my dolls, he knew he has lost his "Attorney at Law" and I knew then my passion and talents lie in my hands and me becoming a Hairstylist!!!

Hairstylist Lakisha Reeves

Beauty What prompted you to get into hair?

My family and Friends prompted me to get into hair! I became their personal hairstylist. Everyone saw my passion and skills and encouraged me to pursue my dreams because they believes in me becoming successful in the industry!

Beauty What's the biggest challenge you faced on your road to becoming a Hairstylist?

The biggest challenge I faced on the road to becoming a Hairstylist was finishing Cosmetology School after being in a bad car accident. My injuries caused me to drop out at the time I had one month to finish school. The school then to me in order To return I would have to repeat 3 more months of school to complete program. This set me back along with being a single parent of 3 at the time also had some challenges.  But I did go back and finish!

Beauty Where do you find your inspiration?

Believe it or not, I sometimes get visions in my dreams that I believe are from God. Other times my environment, Fashion magazines, movies shows in TV, music, and even other stylists( rookie or veteran) inspire me to create!!!

Beauty If I asked your educator one negative and one strength about you what would they be?

My educator would tell me I'm a strong Hairstylist in making hair perfect and polished, every strand in place. That I have MEAN hair cutting skills. They would also tell me that I lack time management in completing a task in timely manner because of my OCHD(obsessive- compulsive  HairDresser Disorder)!

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Beauty What is the toughest and best part of styling hair?

The best part of hairstyling is watching people transform into another SELF they never knew exist!  And making them feel confident in who they are inside. The toughest part is the business side of the industry is trying to keep balance(stability) with the highs and lows of making money  for what your skills are worth. Teaching clients to respect your craft as any other profession.

Beauty Whose hair would you love to work on?

I would love to do First Lady Michelle Obama 's hair and Nikki Minaj, Miley Cyrus

Matrix Shapemaker spray and KeraCare Silk and Seal Liquid sheen

Matrix Shapemaker spray and KeraCare Silk and Seal Liquid sheen

Beauty Can you tell us a memorable moment you had while doing hair?
A memorable moment while doing hair was when I had a client who suffered hair loss and scalp trauma, wanted  her hair done and I used a hair replacement technique. When I turned her around to the mirror  to view final results, she cried in awe which made me feel Thankful she chose me to give her beauty she thought she had lost with her hair loss. I cried with her.

Beauty What’s the one haircare tool you simply can’t live without?

My Shears ( All of them) LOVE me and I LOVE my Shears so we will never part til Death! Ha Ha!

Beauty Tell us about team Trinity of Beauty?

Trinity of Beauty Represents the reflections of artistic synergy between beautiful minds that are joined together to enhance the beauty of others! With our creativity, ambition, and team spirit, we will conquer the adversary of Grace!!!

Beauty What's your preparation for Battle of the Strands

Trish and I are preparing by sharpening our product knowledge, skills and techniques and SPEED!Pre-meditating our visions to bring to the show!

Beauty What can the hair industry expect from Lakisha Reeves in the next 5 years?

The hair industry can expect Lakisha Reeves to finish her Business Management Degree, certification in Tricology, becoming a top colorist, And opening a Hair Loss clinic with much world Travels in next 5 years!

Beauty What can your competition expect in Las Vegas?

The competition in Vegas can expect Trinity of Beauty to bring Spunk, New Flavor, Hot Trends, and another  B. A. D.(Beautiful and Daring) Creation!!!
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