Enjoy our interview with Nail Technician Shannon Rooney

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"When one of my clients set me up to become an educator for OPI. That training (and subsequent ones) solidified my professionalism and my success." Enjoy our interview with Nail Technician Shannon Rooney.

Beauty Creatives.com: Tell me a little about yourself?

I am a Canadian transplanted to Las Vegas, 25+ years as a nail tech. Lover of good food, wine, motorcycles and my new sports car!

Beauty Creatives.com: What made you choose to become a Nail Technician?

The desire to be creative. Plus, I liked the idea of making people feel good in a short amount of time.

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Beauty Creatives.com: What is an average day like in your life as a Nail tech?

10 hour days, lots of listening and sharing of people’s lives, both good and bad things.

Beauty Creatives.com: When did you first discover that you wanted to do Nails?

The first time I got my nails done, I loved the whole process. Then I found an amazing nail tech who I watched like a hawk. So I was inspired by her as well.

Beauty Creatives.com: What was the turning point that led to your success?

When one of my clients set me up to become an educator for OPI. That training (and subsequent ones) solidified my professionalism and my success.

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Beauty Creatives.com: Where do you get your inspiration?

Absolutely everywhere. The way the sun reflects on the clouds as it sets, graffiti on rail cars, fashion, the colors I see right after a song takes me somewhere, the pattern the wind makes on the ocean. I could go on for days. LOL

Beauty Creatives.com: What has been your biggest challenge as a Nail Technician?

Hmmm, I think for me, it was in the beginning of my career. I had a very hard time separating myself from my clients. I took everything home with me. Everyone’s troubles became my troubles. I was far too empathetic. It wasn’t till years later, I figured out how to create a “line” between myself and the client. One nail tech alone cannot save the world!

Beauty Creatives.com: What level of importance do you put on continuing education in the Nail Industry?

I believe it is the UTMOST important thing for tech to do. We can all become complacent when our books are full. But the thing is that the industry is changing so fast. With technique, products, fashion and health/safety measures, we have to keep up. Otherwise, we are only doing ½ a job. That’s not fair to you and definitely not fair to the paying client.

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Beauty Creatives.com: What's your biggest challenge in educating Nail-Techs?

Trying to teach the ones that don’t really want to be in the class. The ones that have to take the course to get or keep their certification. They are tough. They don’t have open minds to see all the new and wonderful things happening in the nail industry. That’s challenging.

Beauty Creatives.com: Where would you like to see the Nail industry in the next 10 yrs?

It would be wonderful if the connotation of being a fly-by-night profession was removed. If people didn’t think “Oh your just a manicurist”. It would be wonderful if we would be recognized as true professionals.

Beauty Creatives.com: What advice would you give to young women for succeeding in the industry?

Do the time. I remember when I first started. I would give people free manicures because my book was empty. It drives a lot of people out of the industry when they get frustrated over having to be at a salon and not have customers. Do the time, market yourself, show the world your professionalism. Your book will get full. It just takes patience.

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Beauty Creatives.com: So what nail trends are you seeing for 2015?

Textures, like leather looking polish, matte, and of course soft colors for the spring.

Beauty Creatives.com: Can you share one of your favorite tips or tricks with us!

One tip I like to share is for placing gems while doing nail art. I use matte top coat to secure gems (if the polish is already dry) because it doesn’t make the nail art look thick and goopy. Just a dot under where you place the gem. Then you can top coat it with a fast drying top coat like Seche Vite for ultimate shine. Be careful not to top coat your gems because that will take away the sparkle.

Beauty Creatives.com: Are there any new exciting shows or projects that you are working on or lined up in the near future?

I just had the opportunity to work with Battle of The Strands. I am working on a project with Deluxe Version magazine. And for next year, so far, I will be at the ISSE show in Long Beach next January.

Beauty Creatives.com: In one word define Nail-Tech Shannon Rooney? Enthusiast!