Inky Edge Without the Pledge

Beauty Mark from Absolute New York

Want to add a little spice to you look for the night? Rock a tattoo without the commitment with the Beauty Mark from Absolute New York.

absny001com-beautymark jumbo

absny001com-beautymark slim


Designed for the face and body, these unique felt-tip, ink beauty stamps create authentic looking, temporary tattoos that can easily be removed when desired. The Beauty Mark comes in a luxe black shade, and is available in two sizes and two chic designs – heart & star.


Beauty Mark- Jumbo, SRP: $9.99, 0.085 fl. oz.
Beauty Mark- Slim, SRP: $9.99, 0.037 fl. oz.

Directions for Use:

• Select design and size of choice.
• Press stamp onto desired location. Hold for 2 seconds. Let dry.
• Lightly dust your tattoo with translucent powder for a long-wear boost.