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Who Should Partner With Beauty Creatives?

Today's women are style influencers with tremendous buying power. As the ultimate trendsetters, our readers desire hairstyles and products that suit their multi-faceted lives—from the boardroom to the beach and everywhere in between.

Whether seeking the glamour of a side sweep, versatility of a chemical-free coif or boldness of a new color, they are constantly in pursuit of statement-making styles. Beauty Creatives offers images, tips, techniques and products that help our readers celebrate their beauty to the fullest.

• Brands that desire unrivaled access to a viable niche audience
• Advertisers with new products and services
• Advertisers that seek greater brand awareness
• Retailers who need to generate sales, both online and in-store
• Marketers who understand the value of segmentation and target



Who You Will Reach?

• Women with tremendous influence and disposable income
• Trendsetters who are passionate about beauty, fashion and style
• Consumers who are difficult to reach through conventional mainstream marketing
• Highly educated decision-makers recognized for influencing general market trends



Demographics & PsychographicsGender: Female: 96%, Male: 4%

College Educated: 62%
Currently Employed: 76%
Median Age: 31.0
Median Household Income: $44,000