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Many of us professionals in the beauty industry, especially Nail Artists, have heard of Maisie Dunbar. She has been a Manicurist now for almost two decades. Not only has she performed manicuring services for an endless list of celebrities, but she was also an Educator for CND for several years.


Many people do not know this, but she worked with makeup before she became a Manicurist. A name like no other, Maisie Dunbar, continues to reign supreme in the beauty industry, with her mineral makeup/skincare line BluffaJo Cosmetics.  After sitting on this idea for a couple years, Maisie Dunbar, owner of Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge in Silver Spring, Maryland, launched this highly sophisticated mineral line for several personal reasons. After the loss of her “life-line”, her beloved mother, Maisie threw herself into her work. As a single mother to a beautiful son, Maisie was determined to build an empire to leave behind for her family one day. She will proudly tell you that she started BluffaJo Cosmetics with no bank loans, but by saving and starting off small. The first year releasing just lip color and later added more to the line we see today. Why “BluffaJo”?   Proud of her West African roots; Maisie seized the term “BluffaJo” from the culture, which is a slang term describing a person who exudes confidence. Having similar issues as other women with ethnic skin tones, Maisie had trouble finding the right color to fit her needs. In part, due to the color selection, but also wanting a makeup choice that would take her from everyday wear to evening and red carpet events.  


What makes BluffaJo Cosmetics different from other brands on the market today is the type of minerals used, and the way the minerals are processed to make the line.   Maisie remains absorbed in the production of the line, from start to finish. She is heavily involved even in the testing process. Quick to admit skincare is the foundation of the brand, she remains true to what she stands for which is why her products contains no fillers or synthetics. When asked who her target market would be, she quickly replied, “Anybody with a face!” She humbly boasts that BluffaJo Cosmetics is not only high quality, but weightless, and with advanced sun protection, it is STILL a full-coverage makeup! The products range from the small lip color line she began with, to now foundation, bronzers, eye color, concealers and much, much more. She recently released four new Cheek/Eye Trio Kits in memory of her mother: Liberian Girl, Monrovia, Mount Coffee, and Royal Flush. The colors are rich, natural; soft finishes for all skin types. This is a must-have brand of cosmetics for the ultimate fashionista with an extension of skincare for your daily needs.


According to Maisie, she feels another difference between her cosmetics line and other well-known brands like Chanel and Lancome is that it is small…for now. One of her proud moments for BluffaJo Cosmetics was the opportunity to showcase the line at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami.   Maisie admits that as she stood in the audience at the end of the runway, she cried watching the models working the runway wearing her makeup. What an amazing feeling that must have been for an artist who has attributed her success to not only hard work, but, fostering positive relationships with various PR firms, participation in various charity events, but also working with industry leaders such as Myrdith Leon-McCormack who help each other with ideas and other aspects of their respective businesses.


So, what’s next for Maisie Dunbar & BluffaJo Cosmetics? “ Whatever God has in store”. She prays before she makes each decision in her life, and BluffaJo is no exception! Maisie Dunbar is not a beauty lifestyle professional in this business just for the sales. She enjoys hearing from clients who have never worn makeup before, or even the die-hard MAC users who often comment that her makeup feels great on their skin and that they do not have to reapply throughout the day.

BJ9She looks forward to going to work everyday and greeting clients who reply, “Maisie, I could not wait to get here today!” Maisie Dunbar exudes a spirit of excellence and it resonates in her dedication to her business, but also extends to her family and clients alike. BluffaJo Cosmetics is definitely here to stay.

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