Introducing THE SCENTARIUM™ – deluxe perfume making kit from Scenterprises™


Scenterprises™ is the first national company to offer CUSTOM FRAGRANCES for men, women, groups, Corporate Team-building, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette parties and more! Ideal for all occasions.


Our exquisite perfume blends have been crafted to combine with each other, to create unique personalized fragrances for individuals.

Scenterprises™ is launching a deluxe perfume-making kit called THE SCENTARIUM – a unique fragrance ‘experience in a box’ available online at and at select retail locations. Developed by fragrance expert, Sue Phillips, this is a great gift and self-purchase item for all fragrance lovers. Priced at SRP $185.00.


  • 12 unique (10ml) perfume blends categorized in four main fragrance ‘families’ : FRESH, FLORAL, WOODY, ORIENTAL. Each ‘family’ consists of 3 perfume blends, which can be combined to create a myriad of unique signature scents to reflect your individuality. Refill blends can be reordered online.
  • Two designer refillable 20ml atomizers (silver, and black with diamante accents)
  • An instruction Sheet and complete Blend Chart
  • 12 blotter strips with matching pipettes
  • Formula Cards to register YOUR creation in our database.
  • Scent personality test

Why wear what everyone else wears when you can create your OWN unique signature scent? YOU are now the Celebrity and can create your very own bespoke scent.

SCENTERPRISES™ has been listed as one of the BEST places to create your own perfume in NY and around the country. Founder and Fragrance Expert, SUE PHILLIPS, has now opened New York’s newest perfumery THE SCENTARIUM™ located in trendy downtown TriBeCa where she holds seminars and workshops for fragrance lovers wishing to create their own personalized fragrance.