NIKI SAINT PIERRE Unveils User Panel Results

Niki Saint Pierre Daily Nutrients Collection

A select group of South Florida women shared the results of their four-week trial of NIKI SAINT PIERRE BOTANICAL COSMECEUTICALS®.

Participants say their results after using Niki Saint Pierre Botanical Cosmeceuticals® were simply amazing!

The votes are in and after tabulating the feedback the results were unanimous – The NIKI SAINT PIERRE LINE is AMAZING!


NIKI SAINT PIERRE focused this trial on the visible signs of premature aging such as lines, wrinkles, dullness, agespots, as well as dehydrated, sagging and stressed skin. These premature-aging skin issues are of special concern to both adult women and men who wish to recapture and maintain their healthy, youthfull looking appearance.

“Our skincare line was developed to address the aging skin concerns of women and men through high-quality, botanically based skincare treatments that deliver results. So, it was only natural to put the INTENSE OVERNIGHT THERAPY COLLECTION to the test“ says founder Niki St. Pierre.


The select group was asked to do nothing different other than to use the products before going to bed. The results were unanimous. Everyone participating in the panel reported visible changes – softer, smoother skin with a more youthful appearance.

Participants used products from the INTENSE OVERNIGHT THERAPY COLLECTION which includes: The Refining Facial Serum Non-Abrasive Leave-on Exfoliator (all skin types), The Daily Nutrients Anti-Aging Luxury Vitamin Face Oil (available for Dry, Normal, Combination or Oily skin types) and The Youth Crème Anti-wrinkle, Firming and Lifting Cream (all skin types).

The NIKI SAINT PIERRE collection provides a customizable, high-performance anti-aging regimen based on your skin type (dry, oily, normal) and contain the maximum concentrate of active key ingredients that fight the signs of aging while you sleep.

This exclusive anti-aging collection combines the ancient secrets of dry beauty oils with modern technology. “The aroma-therapeutic Daily Nutrients face oil was sinfully delicious,” reported one of the participants. “In fact some of my friends asked if there was a new man in my life – NIKI SAINT PIERRE BOTANICAL COSMECUTICALS® gave my skin a definite glow.”

“Our unique anti-aging facial oil formula boasts 100% active ingredients, while most formulations contain approximately 10%. As a result, the highly concentrated Daily Nutrients requires only a few drops per use,” says founder Niki St. Pierre. “The proof is in the pictures -- the results say it all.”

Product Pricing & Sizing:

- Non-Abrasive Luxury Botanical Resurfacing Treatment 1 OZ (30ML) – MSRP $85
ANTI-AGING DAILY NUTRIENTS Revitalizing Luxury Face Oil Concentrate
.5 OZ (15ML) - MSRP $125
RADIANT SKIN DAILY NUTRIENTS Revitalizing Luxury Face Oil Concentrate .5 OZ (15ML) - MSRP $125
RADIANT SKIN DAILY NUTRIENTS Revitalizing Luxury Face Oil Concentrate .5 OZ (15ML) - MSRP $125
THE YOUTH CREME Anti-Wrinkle, Firming & Lifting Luxury Repair Night Cream
2 OZ (60ML) - MSRP $175

Before and after pictures of panel participants are on the website at: