The Stephan Co. Launches LeKair® Natural Curls with Avocado Oil for African-American Women Who Prefer to 'Go Natural'

Launches LeKair® Natural Curls with Avocado Oil

The Stephan Co. wants African-American women to get theircurl on.

The company, which has specialized in helping African-American women look fabulous for over four decades, today unveiled LeKair® Natural Curls, a premium line of products specially formulated to enhance the natural beauty of black hair.

LeKair® Natural Curls includes a special formula containing Avocado Oil, which adds moisture, strength and shine to natural curly hair. The line consists of four products: Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner (12 OZ) prevents knots and tangles while helping to soften and hydrate multi-textured hair, Moisturizing Shampoo (12 OZ) softens and strengthens coarse hair while also protecting the scalp from damage, light-weight Curl Rejuvenating Spray (12 OZ) gives instant bounce and life to lazy curls and Curl Defining Cream (16 OZ) provides curl definition without the crunch!

All four of the LeKair® Natural Curls products (MSRP$6.99 each) are available nationally at leading beauty supply stores.

The decision to introduce Natural Curls represents a natural progression for the LeKair® brand, which has been a mainstay in the ethnic hair care aisle for years. "We've always prided ourselves on being highly responsive to changes in the haircare needs of our African-American consumers," says The Stephan Company's VP of Sales Paul Crouch. "In Natural Curls we've developed an authentic product line that's consistent with the aspirations and principles of the growing natural hair movement, which is all about being true to yourself."

According to one survey, 70% of African Women say they currently wear their hair natural or have done so in the last year. A significant number of these women also believe that 'going natural' – wearing their hair naturally curly -- exudes confidence.1

To support LeKair® Natural Curls, The Stephan Co. plans to connect with today's African-American women on social media and through national sponsorships and sampling at Natural Hair beauty conferences and events.

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