BarbaraBui: Fashion Week Paris Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

barabarabui 01

The romance of the long silhouette reinforces the energy of the sexy rock look. A tall thin woman with a slight bust and slender legs.

barabarabui 04

Dense and deep ultramarine and black contrast with the luminosity of sky blue and the sparkle of metal. The warm browns of cavallino or python provide an “animal” touch and add warmth to the blues. Woolskins and curly mohair envelop the small “Penelope Tree” suits of crêpe or velvet in winter white. The must-have winter piece is the down jacket, reinterpreted in black vinyl or velvet.

barabarabui 05

In contrast to the long Bohemian silhouette, mini-skirts, “sharp and cut” mini-dresses or slim trousers in jersey and leather display a free and resolute femininity.

barabarabui 09

The nocturnal ultramarine reveals all its intensity in an interplay with shimmering and textured sequins.

The boots - low boots and “Rockabilly” Derbys - shift and relax the deliberate femininity of the silhouettes.

barabarabui 11

The “Lipstick” mini bags are the playful signature of this attitude.
Make-up by Christelle Coquet and the M-A-C PRO team
Hair created by Cim Mahony for Moroccanoil
olfactory identity: AAM and Expressions Scented